Kimpex 52616 Oil Pump

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The 12 Volt Oil Changer extracts heated engine oil through the engine’s dipstick tube powered by the 12-volt DC battery.

  • Includes 8 ft Heavy Duty Coiled Power Cord Wire with Battery Clips.
  • 4 ft suction tube inserts into the engine dipstick.
  • 5 ft outlet hose deposits old engine oil into a collection container.
  • Compact and Light weight for portability.
  • On/Off Switch.
  • Self-Priming.
  • Extracts Warm Oil from your Engine through the dipstick tube without mess.
  • Power draw 5 Amp.
  • Flow rate approximately 3 liters per minute.
  • Engine Oil Must Be Warm Before Using the Pump. ( 104° - 122° F).
  • Use the Extractor Specifically for Motor Oil Only.
  • The Extractor Pump is Not Suitable for Extracting: Water(no lubrication of the pump), Gearbox Oil (too viscous), Flammable Liquids (Fuel, gasoline, etc. - Danger of Explosion!).
  • Follow local rules and regulations for disposing used engine oil at an authorized local collection station.

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