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Fast-Boot is a premium quality CV Boot that provides virtually total coveragefor All Terrain Vehicles, Utility Vehicles, Karts and K Mini-trucks. Please see Applications section for specific coverage.

Premium Quality
Fast-Boots are made in the US from premium quality rubber to minimize abrasion wear and provide a long service life.

Total Coverage
Fast-Boot provides virtually total coverage for all ATV, UTV, Karts and mini-truck CV boot applications.

Patented Design
Fast-Boot features a patented continuous convoluted design to more evenly distribute wear and minimize flex fatigue.

Installation Options
Fast-Boot can be installed like a traditional boot. It can also be installed “over-the-joint” using a Quick-Shot or cone shaped installation aid.

Complete Kit
Each Kit includes a boot, stainless steel clamps, CV grease, banding tool and detailed instructions.

Fast-Boot - Superior Design combined with Premium Quality to provide a longer lasting CV Boot!

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