Green Trail Gun Lock (Keyed alike)

GreenTrailSKU: 032597

Padlock Type: Gun
Unlocking system: Single key
Alarm: No
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  • Padlock Type : Gun
  • Unlocking system : Single key
  • Alarm : No

Thanks to its sturdy construction, our identical keys gun lock are durable. It helps meet firearms storage standards by using a locking system that renders the weapon inoperable. As well as during storage and transportation, preventing unauthorized access and accidental discharge. Key locks are therefore a good option for firearm owners. Equipped with two identical keys, this gun lock allows you to control the use of your weapon, while keeping it safe and in compliance with the law. Additionally, all locks of this model have the same key. Therefore, you have the option of needing only one key for all your weapons. Offering protection and peace of mind, our identical keys gun lock are easy to install and fit most firearms. Ideal for who tend to forget numerical codes… Easy Installation 1. Separate the gun lock by inserting the key and turning it. Ensure that the firearm is not loaded or armed. 2. Insert the front block of the lock behind the trigger, if possible. 3. Place the back block, aligning the outer edges with those of the front block. 4. Press both blocks together. Verify that the lock is securely engaged and cannot be disassembled when in place. Important: We do not guarantee that this product can be installed on all firearms.

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