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Kimpex Mosfet Voltage Regulator Rectifier Triumph

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Kimpex Mosfet Voltage Regulator Rectifier Triumph

Shipped by : Kimpex

Length (mm):


Height (mm):


Number of wires:


Wire length:

171 mm, 200 mm

Number of connectors:


Number of terminals:


MM between fixation holes:







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Part number : 287636
STOP BURNING YOUR REGULATOR RECTIFIER! It is time to update or replace your voltage regulator with the advanced MOSFET type.

It runs cooler than all OEM diode style regulators. In addition, this rectifier has overheat protection, rather than burn up it will simply turn off for a while and cool off.

  • Direct replacement to your original unit
  • Plug-and-play, direct fit, easy installation
  • No assembly required
  • Higher grade of electric components
  • Improved heat sink and charging capabilities
  • The quality exceeds the OEM equipment
  • All products shipped are tested
  • One year limited warranty

Why use Mosfet Enhanced technology?

Runs cooler: Runs much cooler than the traditional Shunt voltage regulator rectifier.
Saves gas: Less load on the stator, less work, less fuel is used and you save.
Regulated energy: The power charging your battery is steadier and smooth.
Extended battery life: Extends the battery’s life and cold cranking capacity.
More engine power: Removes stator load resulting in more engine power.
Optimized power: Optimize power delivery by switching the stator coils on or off.

List of part numbers that are compatible with the Kimpex number :

  • Supplier number :30508H

  • Kimpex catalog number :287636

  • OEM number :T1300823


List of additional OEM numbers :

  • T1300823